What is a Service Project ?
The motto of the Family of Kin is "Serving the Community's Greatest Need".
Our club thinks this means: Lending a helping hand where it's needed, primarily in support of not-for-profit organizations that are helping people cope with life's eventualities.

For instance: From time to time the Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs of Oakville, in addition to donating to Habitat for Humanity Halton, have assisted with on-site labour and the provision of snacks for the teams of workers. We have also collected donations of basic personal supplies to be used at the Oakville Lighthouse. We run the Santa Claus Parade, Food Drive, for the benefit of the people who turn to the Salvation Army for help.

Because we devote much of our efforts to raising funds to donate to charitable causes, we prefer NOT to take on Life-Time service work for a single cause. We prefer to commit to short term service work. EG. Clean up a site. Paint a room(s). Run a party. Operate a Lottery for a cause.

So the question is, Does your not-for-profit organization have a need that fits our offer to help ? Call 289 815-5072 and leave a message for our President asking if we have any manpower available to help, What, When, Where & How.